Наша команда

Boris Zhurid
Научный руководитель проекта

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Candidate of Biological Sciences, USSR State Prize Laureate

Nabil Farahat
Deputy director

Specialist in the field of automation of water treatment processes

Dmitry Novak
Chief Engineer

Graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Lucia Biktimirova
(Русский) Старший тренер{;en]Senior trainer

Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in swimming, European champion in the Masters category, experience with animals since…

Alexander Puzik
(Русский) Старший тренер{;en]Senior trainer

Experience with marine mammals from 1984. Until 1991, worked in the military oceanarium.

Alexander Kolyadenko
(Русский) Тренер{;en]Trainer

Master of Sports of the Russian Federation in boxing, experience with marine mammals since 2003

Ivan Ilatovsky
(Русский) Тренер{;en]Trainer

Experience with animals since 2013

Assala Bougnig
Show host

Graduate of the State Conservatory (Agadir) in the class of pop vocal.

Abderahim Tiktebik
Chaimau Bougnig
Senior animator

Specialist in animated and interactive activities